17 years ago, Shakira launched Laundry Service its first global success

17 years ago, Shakira launched Laundry Service its first global success

Exactly 17 years ago, Shakira released the album Laundry Service, her fifth studio album and the third released worldwide by the Colombian artist.

Its release took place on November 13, 2001, through Epic Records. It is his first album to be recorded mainly in English. Musically, it mainly derives from pop rock and features a variety of other musical styles, including Andean music, dance-pop, Middle Eastern music, rock and roll and tango.

Lyrically, the tracks reflect love and romance. The recordings of the project occurred in the year 2001 in studios in the United States, under the production of Brendan Buckley, Pablo Floresi, Javier Garza, Lester Mendez, Tim Mitchell, George Noriega and Luis F. Ochoa. Additionally, each track of the disc was co-composed and co-produced by Shakira.

After the release of their fourth studio album, Where are the thieves? (1998), which became a hit in Latin America, Shakira was encouraged by Cuban singer Gloria Estefan to record songs in English, as Estefan believed that the singer had the potential to enter the English-speaking pop market.

Shakira was initially hesitant to do the project, but then decided to learn English well enough to be able to write songs in the language on her own. The album’s title was chosen to reflect Shakira’s views on love and music.

The album was released under the title of Servicio de Lavandería, in January of 2002, in Hispanic regions. Laundry Service received mixed reviews from the specialized media, in which some analysts cherished the incorporation of different musical styles into the production and originality of Shakira, while others argued that the album’s sound was generic.

Shakira’s vocal talents received positive reviews. Commercially, it performed well, leading the tables in Australia, Austria and three other countries, while it ranked in the top five positions in Germany, Argentina, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it reached the third best position.

The album has received several record certifications in several countries, including certifications of quintuple platinum in Australia, Canada, Spain and Switzerland. It has also been certified multi-platinum in the United Kingdom and in the United States, proving to be a successful crossover for Shakira. It was the seventh best-selling album in 2002 and sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

Six singles were released from the album. The first, “Whenever, Wherever,” became an international success and achieved leadership in about 29 countries, including Germany, Australia, Austria, Spain, France and Italy.

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