Check out Shakira’s interview with Colombian radio at the end of the tour

Check out Shakira’s interview with Colombian radio at the end of the tour

Even though he could not hold back tears when he saw the support of his faithful fans, this was only part of the nostalgia he had accumulated when he reached the end of a tour that had many obstacles.

In an interview with the Colombian radio La Mega / La FM, Shakira spoke a little about it.

“I had a lot of obstacles … The voice was one of the most painful things that happened to me in my life, the doctors said I would not be cured without the surgery and the risks were great, like never singing,” Shakira explained.

About the specific moment of tears, Shakira confessed that she tried to contain herself, but it was difficult.

“I tried to hold on because I was moved from ‘Estoy Aqui’, when I saw this audience so devoted and loving with me, so faithful, I left tears, but said ‘I can not cry, I will not tune’, but after ‘Anthology’ I could not avoid the emotion of seeing this affection of my people “.

During the interview, Shakira opened her heart and revealed that she was so affected by the problem of her vocal cords.

“Many times I did not stop in bed so sad that it was, it was very difficult, what sustained me was the affection of the people. Sincerely this love that I felt was what healed me, he did the miracle “.

From the end of the show in Bogotá, also remembers that not only cried on the catwalk, but also on leaving.

“I started to cry and to laugh, it was a mixture of feelings between I got, we finished and also I cried because it said ‘when will be that I will see them again”.

Shakira is already in Barcelona, the edition of the Los Angeles show is waiting for her, but for the time being she enjoys her family, because her children were already complaining: “Mum, enough of concerts, you need to come with the family already,” said Shakira .

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