Cynthia Alvarez tells the secrets of Shakira’s curly hair

Cynthia Alvarez tells the secrets of Shakira’s curly hair

Shakira is known for being a chameleon, her hair has already taken on many colors and textures, including we made a special post about it remember: The Evolution of Shakira Looks.

Recently the singer closed the El Dorado World Tour, on this tour Cynthia Alvarez was responsible for taking care of the powerful clusters of the Queen. She had previously worked with Shak in 2010 during The Sun Comes Out World Tour.

Check out the insights and tips Cynthia gave in an interview for Hola! with free translation made by the Shakira Portal team:

Your curly hair is undoubtedly one of your marks, how do you take care of it?

Shakira’s hair is an icon in itself, so the most important thing was to take care of it, especially during the tour. We did many mask treatments and tried to use heat tools as little as possible. The last tour forced me to straighten and curl my hair every day, so the goal was to keep the curls intact, avoiding the heat damage.

How can you keep your curls perfect for so many years?

Her hair is extremely important to her, so she uses the best products to ensure maximum hydration. She also likes her curls to appear one way and take her own shape.

Is hair easy or complicated?

Each wave is different and you may take a long time to find a routine that works for your curls. We are constantly finding new ways to control your curls for your shows, especially in humid climates.

Any advice for anyone who has hair like hers?

Have a little patience with your hair. Use oils and natural products designed to moisturize and define your curls. It is about finding what works for you through trial and error, using different products and techniques.

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