El Heraldo columnist issues note on Shakira and her country

El Heraldo columnist issues note on Shakira and her country

After a week that Shakira closed the El Dorado World Tour in her country, Colombia, the Colombian portal El Heraldo published a note about our Colombian diva.

In the opinion column, the columnist Marcela Garcia Caballero published a note with the title Uma excuse to Shakira, where she talks a little about the relationship of the singer with her country and about the love of her land.

Check out the translation of the note made by the Shakira Portal. The original publication can be seen here.

To the tree that, more than fruits, more stones are taken. No one is a prophet in your land. You do not know what works for you. Three sentences with which, unfortunately, I believe you can identify Shakira when you think of Colombia, especially when you think of Barranquilla.

No doubt there was not, and I doubt very much that there will be again in the next few years, a Colombian woman more successful than Shakira Isabel Mebarak. Her talent, her tenacity, her perseverance and, of course, her good fortune led her to where she is, leaving this country at the top and putting on the map the city that saw her born.

However, nothing is enough for us. Not because it includes the name Barranquilla in what turned out to be one of the most important songs of its career, or because it helped and continues to help change the face of the nation before the world, or because it builds schools in its land, or because it comes here to record a music video and even because he does collaborations with other Colombian artists, we will always expect more from him. We always want it to be more barranquilla, more Colombian, more “authentic”.

And I include myself in this audience of demanding quality, because sometimes I forget who she is, what she has conquered and the pride she has left us. I even mention that it seemed ‘the last straw’ did not include his city on this tour (this was before he agreed to come to the opening of the Central American and Caribbean Games 2018) and have not come to Carnival in more than a decade. How foolish I was.

Yes, I still wish there were more (as with thousands of people), but that is not why we have the right to criticize it. The truth is that after singing at the opening of the Games and after seeing her genuine emotion when she made her show in Bogota (something she had not done for six years), I can not help but feel guilty for daring to accuse her of not be ‘so Colombian’. Yes, he has a strange accent (a mix between what’s left of the costeño with what’s left of the men of his life) and maybe he never makes a presentation in our Sandy (I think it has a lot to do with his last experience), but me I’ll settle for that and I’ll stick with what you really do because of your roots.

So, I do not care if I do not use words like ‘aha’, that seem ‘cool’ things, instead of looking cool, that is a fan of Barca than Junior and that sometimes come out clearly Argentine expressions, because none of this adds up or detracts from helping to change the reputation of this country. On the contrary, it builds schools, fights for the education of Colombian children, shows Carnival to the world and makes Colombia a diverse, exotic nation full of honest and immensely talented people.

Because it is necessary to accept that if it were not for her, for her music, for her success and for her love for her land, the world would not know that “in Barranquilla dances like that.” And so we all owe you an apology.

Check out the Nada video, which debuted last week, before Shakira’s performance in Bogotá, Colombia.

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