“It’s more scary than Shakira!” Jennifer Lopez without makeup

“It’s more scary than Shakira!” Jennifer Lopez without makeup

Spectacular. At 49 years old and after having had two children, Jennifer Lopez looks as many influencers would like at her age.

For example, the singer published in her Instagram account very recently a snapshot in which she appeared in a bikini, boasting of the sun. A photograph that mounted a revolution and that in a few hours already added more than 2 million “likes”.

And not only his body leaves many speechless. The actress always shows a radiant and enviable face. It seems that almost half a century has gone by for her.

They compare JLo with Shakira

Some have even compared the actress to Shakira, who has always boasted of a spectacular physique. In fact, years ago was named as “The Best Tail of Colombia”, while its beauty continues to break many hearts. In this sense, they point out that for the age that they have both, JLo stays much better.

But everything that glitters is not gold. When the silks and masks are removed everything changes. You only have to see a video that Jennifer recently posted on Instagram.

Shakira wins the game

In it the artist appears asking for help for the “brothers and sisters in need of Puerto Rico” … and she does it without making up. Also, the comparisons have not been made wait.

“It scares more than Shakira!”, Say some of the fans of the Colombian, who have not missed the opportunity to stir up the ‘competition’ of his idol. Do not miss the video.

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