Wake up, Shakira: you’re not Piqué’s keychain

Wake up, Shakira: you’re not Piqué’s keychain

‘Shaki’, maybe you could use some independence, but from your husband. You can step much stronger than him, but beware of the yellow little signs.

Every time I think about it more; Spain, as a unit of destiny in the universal, is not supported by the Monarchy. The famous ‘Arco de Bóveda’ of our democracy, as many columnists repeat, is not kept in place by Felipe VI (50 years old), but the journals of the heart. While Lecturas, the Catalan magazine par excellence, continues to remove the characters from Sálvame; and Soon, another publication that is published in Barcelona, ​​Jesulín de Ubrique (44) and María José Campanario (39) all is not lost.

The only thing that unites us is the backfiring, plain and simple. That’s why, from my caliphate, I raise my voice to defend Shakira (41) for the photo of Milan (5) that she posted on her Instagram account. It was at the Concert in Los Angeles and the boy was carrying a yellow card with the phrase T’estimo, which is the translation of ‘I love you’ into Catalan.

Amarillo is the name of a song by Shakira, and the T’estimo are two words that appear in the song, a subject with a somewhat cheesy lyrics dedicated to Gerard Piqué (31), composed long before the Supreme decapitated the Procés and will send the leaders of the independence leadership to jail. Another thing is that the concert was filled with cards with the same phrase proudly carried his followers, there and if I do not get my fingers. Too much chance? Well, you want me to tell you. Think what you want and you will probably guess right. Fifty / fifTy, as the positions on independence in Catalonia in its territory.

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And there are things that everyone agrees on, from Gerona to Algeciras, from Mérida to Castellón; and from Cape Finisterre to Murcia. And we are going to list them:

1.- The photo of Gerard’s famous piquetón when he received Shakira at the airport was a historic landmark. In fact, he resurrected the theories of journalist Ferrán Monegal (70) about the need to market special condom sizes for Catalans.

2 .- That Shakira was doomed to the most terrible boredom not having crossed in his life the Barça defender. Antoñito de la Rúa (44), his previous partner, seemed more dull than the consommé of a hospital. And on top of that he got a cheeky face. We just have to remember how he tried to get the money in the courts after the break after having lived with him for years as a king. And what about Osvaldo Rios (57), another of his ex, with whom he had a very stormy relationship in 1997. In Touch magazine published that Shakira had come to report him for mistreatment, but then he would have decided to withdraw the complaint. The beau of Puerto Rican telenovelas lived a story with Isabel Pantoja (62) back in the nineties, with all the signs of being a montage to silence other rumors that surrounded the tonadillera.

3.-That Milan is the smartest child, requetelisto and supralistísimo of the world. We could see him reading with mom in a video when he had just jumped, as he says, from the cradle. And then came that appearance of Shakira in the White House, along with US Secretary of State for Education Arne Duncan (53), where the Barranquilla said: “Any child can learn languages ​​before age 3. To Milan we expose him to Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Russian and Chinese “. With such a phrase, and in such a scenario, Shakira not only presumed as a son. He placed Catalan ahead of the most spoken languages ​​of the world, a detail that was highly appreciated by the people of Piqué. Shakira was then part of the Obama advisory team (57) in the Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. He exercised his work in a disinterested way.

I’m not going to enter the fans that could have acquired or stopped losing the singer for being with a player as controversial as Piqué. Servidora is the Atleti and neither comes or comes, as many rojiblancos, the rivalry of Barca with the merengue team. The Blaugrana club has a lot of pull in Latin America and the Maghreb, but what worries me is that the singer can become a keychain woman. And not for the 1’97 of Piqué, almost thirty centimeters above the height of Shakira. Jennifer Lopez (49) was never known as Marc Anthony’s wife (49), not even as Ben Affleck’s ex (46), but rather the other way around. Shakira’s advisors on marketing matters are not doing well … Or is it her fault?

Wake up, Shakira! You are much more important than your husband, you have sold more than a hundred million singles all over the world. And you have reached the same number of followers on Facebook, following the heels of Cristiano Ronaldo (33). Multiply by five your husband’s followers on Instagram. And we do not even talk about money anymore. You are the number one. A woman who can stomp on her own. You have already shown it. And if you take care of your throat, your work life will be much longer than yours.

I still remember the statements you made to The Sun newspaper about four years ago: “I’ve written many love songs for Gerard but it’s never enough, I feel he deserves a million love songs written exclusively for him.” Shakira claimed that she was anchored in Barcelona because her partner worked there, since “footballers are like soldiers, he can not travel, and I’m trying to imagine how I can make the next tour.” The singer also revealed that her boyfriend had forbidden him to make uploaded videos with other men. “He is very possessive, and since he does not let me make videos with men, well, I have to do them with women.” Days later he realized the blunder, and clarified that the possessive or “territorial”, which was the word he used in English, “had been just a joke.” He added: “I see that some media have taken it literally, the reality is that we have a very nice relationship and mutual trust, and next time I will be more careful when using my sense of humor, which clearly can sometimes to be misunderstood. ”

Well, you know, be careful with misunderstandings. The people are very literal, and if Joan María Piqué, namesake of your husband’s name, and press officer of Puigdemont (55) in Brussels, came to think erroneously that the castle of Carcassone had been painted yellow by Felice Verini in solidarity with the prisoners of the procés, you could have imagined the one that was going to get involved with your child and the little yellow cards.

Reflect, Shaki, maybe you could use some independence … from your husband. And get better, we already know that you have suspended a concert. I want to believe that it is a virus, as you said, and not the pain of feeling attacked like a mother because of the little yellow sign.

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